General PoeFest Questions

PoeFest is the 11th annual celebration of the works of Edgar Allan Poe taking place in multiple locations in Phoenix, AZ throughout the month of October. PoeFest serves as the yearly fundraiser for the all-volunteer, non-profit, and educational Arizona Curriculum Theater Inc.

PoeFest has three parts. Our Main Stage shows take place in the Ghost Lounge of the Hotel San Carlos. Our PoeFest Seance show takes place inside the Senator's Room of the Hotel San Carlos. 'The Raven' at Rosson House takes place on Halloween Night at Rosson House Museum.

PoeFest is the annual fundraiser for Arizona Curriculum Theater Inc., a 501(c)3 educational charity finding innovative ways to connect the arts to the curriculum. We offer more than two dozens programs, workshops, and shows designed for the classroom integrating the arts as a tool to teach the curriculum. Click here to learn more about ACT Inc.

We regret that we cannot accept cash for advance ticket purchases. A credit or debit card is required to buy advance tickets to PoeFest. Sometimes limited tickets are available at the door and those can be paid for in cash in addition to a credit or debit card.

Because of the intimacy of our venue and the distraction to other audience members, taking photos, videos, or using an electronic device in any manner during the performance is strictly prohibited. Please silence your phones.

There is no late seating at PoeFest. If you arrive after the show has started you will not be admitted.

Casual attire is permitted. Costumes are permitted. Please dress appropriately for a public theatrical event.

No. The Hotel San Carlos does offer its own history tours, but we do not produce or organize them. Contact the hotel at (602) 253-4121 for more information about the hotel's history tours.

PoeFest Main Stage Questions

Our main stage shows inside the Hotel San Carlos's Ghost Lounge take place every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00 PM between October 4 and October 26, 2019 and feature a rotating schedule of Poe's stories. Click here to see our full schedule of stories and poems. $22-$27

No. These are not readings. Our actors have memorized Poe's stories and will perform them in character as inmates of Poe's fictional Maison de Sante Asylum.

PoeFest main stage shows inside the Ghost Lounge at the Hotel San Carlos do not have assigned seating. Our seating is general admission on a first-come, first-served basis. However, our space is intimate and every seat in the house is a good one. If you have a ticket you are guaranteed a seat to the show. If you want to use your Festival Pass you must arrive at least 30 minutes before showtime. 'The Raven' at Rosson House is standing room only and lasts roughly 15 minutes. We can accommodate wheelchairs for all performances.

Parking on the street is metered until 10PM. There are cash-only lots for $5-$6 at 324 N 1st Ave and 252 W Van Buren St. We also recommend the Ampco Garage at 303 N 2nd Ave. Light Rail continues to be the cheapest and most convenient alternative. Detrain at Van Buren & Central.

All PoeFest shows are wheelchair accessible. We ask for advance notice, if possible, so we can configure our seating accordingly.

PoeFest does not currently have listening devices. With advance notice, however, we will reserve front row seating for any audience member with impaired hearing. Our scripts are also available upon request.

Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at CĂ©ntrico restaurant inside the Hotel San Carlos and carried into PoeFest.

No. All of the thrills and chills of our Main Stage shows come from the words of Edgar Allan Poe and our actors performing them..

PoeFest Main Stage shows are between 60 and 90 minutes in length depending upon which stories are being performed.

PoeFest Seance Questions

PoeFest Seance is an entertainment show that will explore the supernatural in a modern ode to the Victorian-era seance. Audiences will be chilled and thrilled by attempts to contact the spirit world, including the lost soul of Edgar Allan Poe himself. PoeFest Seance is not for young children, pregnant women, people with heart issues, health issues, or the easily frightened. $39.95

We have no control over the spirit world. Attend at your own risk. Young children, anyone who is pregnant, or anyone suffering from heart or respiratory conditions triggered or worsened by stressful situations should reconsider taking part of PoeFest Seance.

PoeFest Seance is strictly an entertainment seance. Any possessions, hauntings, poltergeists, phantoms, specters, or restless spirits are strictly coincidental.

PoeFest Seance is roughly 75 minutes in length contigent upon the cooperation of the spirit world.

Don Bluth Front Row Theatre Questions

PoeFest goes on the road for two nights to Don Bluth Front Row Theatre in Scottsdale. The famous animator and film director opens his doors once again to our festival bringing two nights of Edgar Allan Poe to his audiences.

No. All the thrills and chills come from the words of Edgar Allan Poe.

Only the format is slightly different. Festival Passes are not valid for Don Bluth Front Row Theatre shows. Tickets must be purchased separately at the Don Bluth Front Row Theatre website. https://donbluthfrontrowtheatre.com/

PoeFest at Don Bluth Front Row Theatre is approximately 90 minutes in duration.

'The Raven' at Rosson House Questions

The Raven at Rosson House occurs on Halloween Night only and features The Raven performed every twenty minutes inside the grand entrance hall of the restored Gothic Victorian mansion. A tour of the lower level is included featuring the doctor's office, a cooling table, a coffin, artwork made of human hair, Victorian-era post-mortem photography, and more. $10.00

Yes. We will have a table set up where you can check in and receive information about when to enter the house.

No. All of the scary chills come from hearing 'The Raven' inside the historic Victorian home along with the various items of Victorian moourning and the doctor's office during the tour of the lower level.

'The Raven' at Rosson House lasts roughly 20 minutes which includes a tour of the lower level of the house.

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